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Pixel Art Flower

Post by rainbowmon » Thu Jan 07, 2021 4:19 am

(Forgive me if this would be better in the Off-Topic section; given that this particular drawing was inspired by a certain item in the Adventures Trilogy, I'm honestly not sure which section would be best for this.)

So, recently, I've decided to try and draw every so often... In pixel art form (using Pixel Studio on my phone). I am, suffice it to say, *NOT* an artist by any means, but I do want to try and get better. A few minutes ago, I drew this. It's a blue flower. After posting it to my Twitter, I decided to post it here, because, well, the reason it's blue is because I was thinking of Wonderland at the time I decided to draw it.

Anyway, as you can probably see, I'm not very good at drawing flowers. They always come out sloppy, be they traditional or pixel art. This is probably one of the better ones I've done, but it still doesn't feel great... So, since I know there are plenty of talented artists in this community: Any tips on how to draw flowers better? I'd greatly appreciate it!
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