[Objects] Multi-Magic

Leveltextures, Custom Icons, etc. for Wonderland Adventures.
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[Objects] Multi-Magic

Post by HumanGamer » Mon Mar 24, 2014 12:17 pm


Here is some wops and textures I created for my latest adventure.

Make sure to put the textures into UserData\Custom\ObjectTextures\MultiMagic and NOT just UserData\Custom\ObjectTextures

Make sure to put the wops into Data\Editor\ObjectPresets\MultiMagic and NOT just Data\Editor\ObjectPresets

For the buttons, Data1 is the ID of the Multi Glove Charger.
The buttons can be enabled via the appropriate colors if the ID is set correctly. For example: a floing button with ID 500 will be activated by a red button.

For the Multi Glove Charger, Data0 is the default color.

PS: The Multi Glove Charger looks like it uses the default texture in the editor but it uses the custom one.

- Midnight Synergy for making Wonderland
- My dad for buying me Adobe Master Collection CS6(Incl. Photoshop) for Christmas
- Qloof and Jdl for figuring out CMD4 (correct me if i'm wrong)
- Me for making the textures

~ Matt
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