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TheoX (2D) Games

Post by TheoX » Mon Dec 31, 2018 8:29 pm

Hey Wonderlanders!

I've been lurking around here and don't post much anymore, but since this forum was such an integral part of my adolescence and I've always been excited about sharing creative content with the board members, I thought I'd share some projects I've been working on. When I'm not working full time, I'm making 2D games and posting them here:

~ ~

There are web games and games you can download for PC (no Mac/Linux yet, sorry!). In order at the time of this post, the games are:

*** Mortal Pongout (web) - A hybrid of pong and breakout games in which you try to protect your bricks and destroy your opponents' bricks.

*** Ghost in the Mainframe (PC) - A twin-stick shooter where you play as a ghost trying to escape a computer.

*** Agent 747 (PC) - A straightforward, difficult platformer in which you infiltrate a robot facility and destroy enemy data.

*** Son of Boomshine (web) - A fun and easy clone game I made in school where you make chain reactions.

If you enjoy any of the games, please leave me a comment on the game page and/or in this topic! Feedback/suggestions welcome too; I know the games are not necessarily 100% polished. :wink: BTW, I am working on a puzzle platformer game right now and may be enlisting the help of a few older Wonderland forumers... stay tuned for that in 2019.

Have fun! I'll update this thread periodically with major game updates or new games.
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