Nasko's Revenge to Wonderman

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Nasko's Revenge to Wonderman

Post by nasko222 » Mon Aug 24, 2020 4:39 pm

if you happen to watch my twitch for the past 2 days, i downloaded wa editor 0.96 just for the nostalgia and for the glitches and easter eggs that this game had back in the time.
stream vods (will get deleted in 14 days):

people that know me more, know that i love seeing how things break, in the face of total destruction :D 8) 8) :D

I happened to play wonderman's levels and he was my top viewer on my streams, but his levels were very trolly.

What i did? It's simple, i was looking for archive for these broken wops and their stuff. I found resizable pack but that wasn't enough for me. What i remember from the ultimate hex editing topic is that people were hex editing, obviously. I decided to take the things little bit far, and i coded mod with Assembly, much like the speedrun patches, where i remove every limitation from the editor itself.

heres a video showcasing that:
also the code: ... on-remover

then i made the perfect revenge level for wonderman, He played it on stream and we had much fun, I have no afraids to release it after he did it. Enjoy!

Note: If you haven't read the whole context just know that its for editor 0.96
Note: You will need some custom textures (leveltexes: cheese, wondercity, lime) (icons: all) (custom: pinkflower.bmp, 01checkeredcanopy.jpg)
everything is from the official archives so you should have those? i guess. :stinkyconfused: :stinkycool:
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