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WA Version History

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1. Overview
This document is an attempt to track the evolution of the Wonderland Open Source code.

DO NOT unilaterally make changes to this document. The process of "official" revisions should be one that relies on multiple forum members and/or moderators (to avoid anyone from making a tiny change and posting this as a new version).

2. WASharp (WA#) Releases
WA# is the name of C# port of OpenWA code. This port will be available in two more sub-versions. First will be initial BlitzSharp3D version with versioning 11.X.Y and second will be Monogame version with 12.X.Y with X incremented with feature upgrades and Y incremented with quality upgrades.

Currently there are no WA# releases available, but will be in future.
For more information, visit: viewtopic.php?f=42&t=27906

3. OpenWA Releases
OpenWA is the name of a GitLab repository where the community members collaborate and work on WA Editor adding new features, fixing bugs etc. OpenWA releases can be downloaded from Aryan's Archive Site.
For more information, visit viewtopic.php?f=34&t=27821

v10.3.1 - July 2020

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- fixed bugs
  - fixed complete hub manager MAVs when trying to install custom content
  - fixed complete hub manager does not delete WAC files after installation
  - fixed CMD 4 Data4 does not work for hubs
  - fixed WACs being removed from hub manager after any hub was installed
  - fixed complete hub manager not installing the complete hub properly if launched with "Open With" menu
  - fixed ice troll freezing in MOFI
- added new Data3 to CMD 15 for adding homing magic
  - Data3=0 means normal non-homing magic
  - Data3=1 means homing magic
v10.3.0 - May 2020

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- fixed bugs
  - player is now lauched in correct resolution in test mode
  - fixed wrong Zbots direction
  - fixed black map in hub adventures
  - fixed conveyors not displayed correctly
  - fixed "WELL DONE" and "OH NO" disappearing in adventure won/lost screen
  - fixed bugs in adventure select screen
  - fixed custom models not verified correctly
  - fixed and improved custom content compiling
  - fixed springs for WA1/WA2/WA3
  - fixed newer custom models not being able to load textures
  - fixed cage.wop
  - fixed spellballs appearing a bit darker than they were used to be
  - fixed keycards, gates, buttons, transporters for some levels
  - fixed CustomModel/CustomTex.wop
  - fixed newer custom models not animating
  - fixed custom models changing their position whenever any object was destroyed
  - fixed old adventures not recognized as new
  - fixed MAV when loading a savefile which was saved when magic glove was active
  - fixed "save before exit" menu having wrong color in its main heading (since MOFI!)
  - fixed editor automatically adding "DefensePower" adjuster while grabbing NPCs (since vanilla!)
- "secret feature" now not secret!
  - you can now play WA1/WA2/WA3 simply by using the same wg.exe
  - this feature is known as "Game Switch"
  - check "how_to_gameswitch.txt"
- New "NPC Wee Stinkers"
  - These Wee Stinkers use regular Stinker NPC model instead of their original MD2 models
  - You can set their body, hats and accessories too
- Added level/dialog delete functionality to the editor
  - hold delete key while clicking on a level/dialog to delete it
  - files are not deleted but renamed with the .bak extension
- new "complete hubs" functionality
  - can create complete hubs with own menus, credits, savefiles, players and other stuff
  - hub wlvs can be given saved names
  - advanced functionality in editor for "complete hubs"
  - new exe "hubmanager.exe" for managing hubs
- you can now give special "character name" to your stinker
- you can now use some keywords in dialogs for displaying player character name
  - [PLAYERNAME] displays Player Character Name
  - [PLAYERNAME!] displays Player Character Name followed with "!"
  - [PLAYERNAME?] displays Player Character Name followed with "?"
  - [PLAYERNAME.] displays Player Character Name followed with "."
  - [PLAYERNAME...] displays Player Character Name followed with "..."
  - [PLAYERCAPS] displays Player Character Name in capital letters
  - [PLAYERCAPS!] displays Player Character Name in capital letters followed with "!"
  - [PLAYERCAPS?] displays Player Character Name in capital letters followed with "?"
  - [PLAYERCAPS.] displays Player Character Name in capital letters followed with "."
  - [PLAYERCAPS...] displays Player Character Name in capital letters followed with "..."
- improvements to adventure select screen
  - removed cache feature as Blitz3D already uses it
  - new adventures with new users can now be easily accommodated
- improvements to editor
  - highly improved custom content compiling, supports almost all types of custom content
  - compiling window now displays errors in red colour and warnings in yellow colour
- fixed Y/Z axis of cutscenes
v10.2.2 - December 2019

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-Fixed wrong prism logic bug
-Fixed arrow on top of suc tube not being rotated
v10.2.1 - October 2019

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-Fixed cache-related bugs
-Fixed shuttering or tearing in cutscenes
v10.2.0 - October 2019

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-Major change in object types
-Reworked object mesh creation/loading code
-SubType 1 stepping stones and springs respond to all colour changers (SubType 0 stepping stones keep their 8-11 range for backward compatibility)
-Transporters with Data3 1/2 turn left/right like Pushbots, turning direction is displayed thanks to new mesh generation code and new texture
-Changed the way custom meshes and object textures are loaded
-Source Code changes
-Added Multi-Object mode in the editor
-Included GNU FreeMono font so font display is less OS-dependent
-Added homing magic support
-Fixed charged glove not loaded
-Added config reader
-Added OSE
-Custom content packing fixed, and also the game automatically copies the content in the required directories
-Added a secret feature (PM Aryan on how to use that)
-New feature: now you can use hotkeys for saving/loading games
-New "undo slot"
-New option in settings to switch font
-Toll gate now supports negative cost# values
-Coin gate with negative cost# value will have its cost: PlayerCoins+Cost(or -Cost since it is negative)
-Added custom cutscene feature
-Custom adventures are now saved and loaded from cache
-Fixed a number of bugs and also many improvements
v10.1.0 - July 2019

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-Custom Bordered Background Support
-Magic Dischargers that remove magics of specific types
-Many new commands (see manual)
-Support for unpacking wa2 files with conversion of Red magic to Rainbow Magic and NPC glasses
-Sorting of custom adventures by creator names and tag names
-Support for png, tga and dds textures with transparency
-Support for Widescreen resolutions and some extra options related to that
-Support for Official building and compiling of hubs
-Some new objects like Prisms and Blink Barrels
-Support for *.x and *.b3d models
-Custom Content Compiling
-Fixed lag in latest versions of Windows 10 and Wine in Linux/Mac
-Huge number of very notorious bugs fixed (see ’changelog.txt‘)
-Fixed too much rendering of triangles in text causing slowdowns and MAVs (mostly in Adventure select screen)
-Fixed improper render tweening that makes game a bit jerky on some computers
-Restored Null Magic to its original functionality
-Fixed a number of bugs with Barrel Magic and Prisms
-Improvements and additions to particle system for gloves
-Improvements and additions to Glove Icons
-Changed appearance of rainbow magic
-Improvements and changes made to Editor UI
-New Settings screen in editor
-Editor now loads with 32-colours depth

4. Pre-OpenWA releases

v10.01 to v10.04 - May and June 2019
Initial changes and updates by Aryan. Now considered as OLD versions which were released prior to OpenWA repository release.
Forum Link: viewtopic.php?f=42&t=27826

5. WA POTZ MOD Releases

MOD: Adventure Skip Glitch Revived (2019-09-01)
By: nasko222 and billy bob
Revives the good ol' pausing in fade out screens in POTZ so you can now do Adventure Skip Glitch.
Forum link: viewtopic.php?f=42&t=27882

6. Midnight Synergy Releases

v10.00 - Initial Release - May 2019
The original Midnight Synergy code release for both WAPOTZ and WAEditor.
(Why start 10? To make a clear break from the original releases on the Midnight Synergy website.)
Forum Link: viewtopic.php?f=42&t=27822

Written by Aryan