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JSGME - mod/build manager

Post by ~xpr'd~ » Thu May 23, 2019 11:05 pm

I wanted to make a post to tell y'all about JSGME (JonesSoft Generic Mod Enabler), which is a program that can hopefully make managing all the different Wonderland builds easier.

What this program will do:
  • Keep your original Wonderland installations intact and restorable at any time
  • Sort all the different mods that you have downloaded so you don't need to create several new Wonderland installations or copies
  • Allow, in some cases, multiple mods to be easily used at once
What this program will not do:
  • Distribute any mods or code itself
  • Compile any mods or code for you
  • Guarantee the compatibility of any two or more mods with each other

The program is pretty simple to use. You put it in the same directory as your Wonderland game, with a MODS folder, in which every mod or build gets its own folder with all its modified files in it. Within JSGME you can then select which mods to enable, and in which order they will be applied. Note that you still must compile the mods yourself from the source code, using Blitz. This program will not work directly from the source code posted on the forum.
For example, if a mod applied changes to the original file Wonderland Adventures Editor/Data/Editor/something.file, you could put the mod's file in Wonderland Adventures Editor/MODS/My 1st Mod/Data/Editor/something.file. Then you would have the mod as well as the original, and you could enable or disable the mod at any time with JSGME.
If two mods modify the same part of the code (for example, if two mods both change the function CanObjectMoveToTile(...)), it cannot be guaranteed that the game will work with both enabled. It sometimes, but not always, can combine two of the same file if they modify separate parts of the code. Let us know how things go with multiple mods enabled, and in what order. I recommend enabling only one mod at once to start out.

If you still need more help, the program includes a small help document, and lots of info is available online, however mostly for different games. This program works with absolutely anything, after all. Hopefully this will be useful to you all!
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