New words for the dictionary..

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New words for the dictionary..

Post by VirtLands » Wed Aug 15, 2012 12:54 am

I typed up this amusing list of new & modern words that made it into the dictionary.

It's unputdownable; :)

I think you'll enjoy this list. (source= )

I didn't put this in alphabetical order; It's basically in the order I found it.


NEW WORDS AND SLANG for the Merriam-Webster Dictionary

genericize (verb) = to make generic, (as in to take someone's hard work and genericize it).

A and B Conversation (noun) = a private conversation between two parties where a third party is not allowed or welcomed to join in.

ultraterrestrial = an earth species from another dimension
undernet = a network similar to the Internet that is unregulated and often used for sharing material unlawfully

textorist (noun) = a person who sends frightening text messages
chickify (verb) = to make more feminine

dysnomia (noun) = a condition which makes it difficult to remember words
kitchenheimers (noun) = the tendency to forget why one has gone to the kitchen

la-la land = a state of being out of touch with reality, or referrs to Los Angeles.

sandwich generation = a generation of people who are caring for their aging parents and also caring for their children
Image Image Image

autopopulate (verb) = to fill in information in a online form automatically
focustrate (verb) = to focus and concentrate
tedia (noun) = miscellaneous tedious tasks
textitis (noun) = pain (as in thumbs, hands, or forearms) from frequent texting 
GATE (abbreviation) = gifted and talented education
algorithmicist (noun) = a person who designs algorithms

funtaneous (adjective) = fun and spontaneous
funlarious (adjective) = fun and hilarious
Funday (noun) = a day set aside for having fun

usualise (verb) = to make (something) usual or customary
munane (adjective) = Lacking interest or excitement; dull.
annoytid (adjective) = annoying and stupid

Frankencode (noun) = HTML code from multiple sources used to create a Web page
e-yell (verb) = to send an electronic message of complaint or displeasure in capital letters
laggravation (noun) = aggravation due to comparative lag or slowness (as of an Internet connection)
stressure (noun) = the condition of being under great stress and pressure

daycation = a vacation day
staycation = a vacation spent at home (or nearby)
fakecation = a vacation during which one performs some work-related tasks
workation = a vacation spent working
kidcation = a vacation for children

BUI (abbreviation) = browsing under the influence
NE1 (abbreviation) = anyone
EID (abbreviation) = emerging infectious disease or diseases
IED (abbreviation) = intermittent explosive disorder
USian (noun) = a citizen or native of the United States of America
DPS (abbreviation) = damage per second —used in video games
TUL (abbreviation) = text you later —used in electronic text messaging
TCOB (abbreviation) = taking care of business
WOTD (abbreviation) = word of the day
CC&J (noun) = cream cheese & jelly
SOML (abbreviation) = story of my life
ADC (abbreviation) = After Dinner Cigarette.
ADHD moment (noun) = an instance of momentary forgetfulness
AFAIK (abbreviation) = As Far As I Know. Often used in internet chat rooms as an abbreviation.
SNS (noun) = Sunday night syndrome = anxiety that begins on Sunday night before a return to school or work

Webhead (noun) = a person knowledgeable about the Internet
lexiconista (noun) = one who enjoys dictionaries, words, and the development of new words

Bielieber (noun) = a Justin Bieber fan:
Image Image

distractionary (adjective) = causing distraction = distracting conversation
destinasia (noun) = the tendency to forget why one has gone somewhere
attention surplus disorder (noun) = an inability to multitask = compulsive devotion of one's
complete attention to a task disregarding all outside stimulus and conversation

multitastic (adjective) = skilled at multitasking
drext (verb) = to drive and text at the same time
flawful (adjective) = flawed and awful
ridiculati (noun) = people who are ridiculous or who do ridiculous things
cyber hoarder (noun) = a person who saves excessive amounts of useless computer files (such as documents, images, etc.) on a computer drive
yestertech (noun) = outdated technology
hulk out (verb) = to become extremely angry

Touron (noun) = A stupid tourist.

obnox (noun) = someone or something that is obnoxious.
transcomputational (adjective) = beyond the capabilities of even the largest and fastest computers
ennouncement (noun) = an announcement made via email or online
monopulate (verb) = To acquire exclusive possession of something by use of skill or influence

bicredit (verb) = to give credit for something to two or more people

(adjective) = very difficult or complicated

unputdownable (adjective) = compellingly readable
porch (verb) = to spend time on a porch
typonese (noun) = language that is full of typos (as in chat rooms or instant messaging)
stink eye (noun) = a menacing glare = a dirty look
hairyeye (noun) = a look of disapproval
nonversation (noun) = a meaningless conversation = a conversation about nothing
refactor (verb) = to modify programming code for improved efficiency and function
aha moment (noun) = = a precise point in time in which one has sudden understanding of or insight into something
sun-miles (noun) = the distance that an electric vehicle can travel from energy produced by solar power
timecode (noun) = A series of numbers used to mark and synchronize different elements in video footage or film.
macrosite (noun) = a website that usually contains numerous smaller sites, (Midnight Synergy is a macrosite)
microsite (noun) = a website that shows a single specialized perspective and that is usu. connected to a more general website
distinctify (verb) = to make separate, distinct, or noteworthy
prostructive (adjective) = proactive= done to encourage a positive result
dumbosity (noun) = extreme stupidity
triskaidekaphilia (noun) = love of the number 13

aerobicide (verb) = to die during self-inflicted aerobic activity
stroke out (verb) = to die from a stroke
bullycide (noun) = suicide due to bullying

cyberchondriac (noun) = one who imagines physical ailments after reading about them on the Internet

T.W.D. = texting while driving
speciology = the study of species
glossophobia = the fear of public speaking

fishetarian = a person who eats seafood but not the flesh of other animals
freegan (noun) = one who eats discarded food obtained for free

yummify (verb) = to make food more delicious
Image Image

GG (abbreviation) = good game
jibber-jabber = meaningless chatter
roid rage = violent and uncontrolled anger as a side effect of anabolic steroid use
foolitry = foolishness
pisstivity = anger or irritation
bezzie = friend
fatfinger = a person who makes many typos when texting

linguocentrism (noun) = the belief that one's own language is superior to all others

dramantic (adjective) = —used to describe a man or boy who is dramatic
omissionologist (noun) = a person who studies omissions
yolo (abbreviation) = you only live once
old-think (noun) = an old-fashioned point of view = a refusal to accept new ideas
laxbro (noun) = a boy or man who plays lacrosse

bankster (noun) = a member of the banking or financial industry who engages in reckless or predatory financial practices
interuniversal (adjective) = between or among the universes

paranalysis (noun) = indecision caused by overanalysis = the condition of not being able to make a decision about something after too much deliberation
kick it (verb) = (slang) = to hang out or relax = kick back

bullycide (noun) = suicide due to bullying

redic (adjective) = slang = ridiculous
frieghbor (noun) = a friend who is a neighbor
negatude (noun) = negativity
positude (noun) = a positive mental attitude
doording (verb) = the action of opening a car door into another car parked next to you

lawyer up (verb) = to retain a lawyer or attorney for legal representation

deduplication (noun) = the process of eliminating redundant or duplicate data in computer storage
dog catcher = a man who dates unattractive women
naggravate = to nag to the point of aggravation
fastwalker (noun) = a UFO that enters or leaves Earth's orbit at a high rate of speed
OOPArt (noun) = an artifact found in an unexpected or unusual context —from the acronym for "out-of-place artifact"
venn (verb) = to intersect or overlap

coffice (noun) = a cubicle with a door to provide the appearance of privacy:
Image Image Image

superly (adverb) = excessively or overly
textfusion (noun) = miscommunication and confusion that can occur during texting

six-pack (noun) = a string of six strikes in bowling
citiot (noun) = a person from the city who is unfamiliar with country life
earworm (noun) = a tune that is heard repeatedly in one's imagination
heightophile (noun) = a person who likes heights or high places
buttcall (noun) = a call from a cellphone made when the user unintentionally depresses the phone's buttons
ghettobago (noun) = an old van
bobblehead (noun) = a yes man
celebritics (noun) = celebrity politics
heliophobia (noun) = fear of the sun
diskempt (adjective) = unkempt
caffeinism (noun) = edginess and irritability caused by the consumption of too much caffeine Image

Gleek (noun) = an extremely enthusiastic or devoted fan of the television show Glee.

acronym (verb) = to make an acronym
hujungous (adjective) = humongous
ladette (noun) = a young woman who behaves in an aggressive or crude manner —chiefly British
expectatious (adjective) = having expectations
grandfriend (noun) = the grandchild of a friend; also= a friend who is the age of one's grandchild or grandparent
crashy (adjective) = prone to crashing - used of a computer system, component, or program
scareware (noun) = fake antivirus software that people are tricked into buying in various Internet scams

shoulder surfer (noun) = a person who watches another person do something (such as use a computer or ATM, or fill out a form) in order to obtain private information

terribad (adjective) = having exceptionally poor or undesirable qualities and characteristics
e-prank (noun) = a prank performed through the Internet
cereal dust (noun) = the pulverized remains at the bottom of a breakfast cereal bag or box
perfectize (verb) = to make someone or something perfect
Spiddish (noun) = a combination of Spanish and Yiddish
absquatulate (verb) = to abscond
beeswax (noun) = business/. That is none of your beeswax \internize (verb) = to replace salaried workers with unpaid interns
Suicide Tuesday (noun) = a day associated with a person's despondent behavior (such as thoughts of suicide) following dopamine inducing drug use
snain (noun) = mixed snow and rain
locationist (adjective) = discriminating against someone based on their location

bitey (adjective) = given to biting
party foul (noun) = an embarrassing mistake or accident that happens at a party
floor d'oeuvres (noun) = food placed or found on the floor usu. by an infant or pet

vic (noun) = [police slang] victim
terp (noun) = [military slang] interpreter
ghetto bird (noun) = a police helicopter

murse = man purse (this is so embarrassing.)
Image Image

mancessories = accessories for men

surreality (noun) = a situation, circumstance, or idea that is surreal
a'ight (adjective) = [contraction of "all right"] all is well, ok

academiac (noun) = (1) One who is excessively preoccupied with,
involved in the pursuit of, or inclined or driven toward academic/scholastic study
or intellectual matters (2) informal= One who displays an outward, and often feigned,
air of intellectuality, or of intellectual pomposity, stuffiness, stodginess, etc.

accessor (noun) = someone or something that accesses
Acurat (noun) = Upper middle class children behaving badly.

____ miscellaneous others (including the date of inclusion)____________

aha moment n. (1939)= a moment of sudden realization, inspiration, insight, recognition or comprehension
brain cramp n. (1982)= an instance of temporary mental confusion resulting in an error or lapse of judgment
flexitarian n. (1998)= one whose normally meatless diet occasionally includes meat or fish
man cave n. (1992)= a room or space (as in a basement) designed according to the taste of the man of the house to be used as his personal area for hobbies and leisure activities
mash-up n. (1859)= something created by combining elements from two or more sources= as A= a piece of music created by digitally overlaying an instrumental track with a vocal track from a different recording B= a movie or video having characters or situations from other sources C= a Web service or application that integrates data and functionalities from various online sources

__ if you find more, feel free to add to the list __

-- That is all. --
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Post by llarson » Wed Aug 15, 2012 1:22 am

:shock: :lol: Those are funny! Good work! :lol:
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Post by Wonderman109 » Wed Aug 15, 2012 1:38 am

There already is a name for a staycation. It's called a 'busman's holiday.'
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Post by VirtLands » Wed Aug 15, 2012 1:46 am

Wonderman109 wrote:There already is a name for a staycation. It's called a 'busman's holiday.'

Ha. There's no escaping fate:

busmans holiday definition: ... %20holiday

A holiday in which you spend most of your time doing the same or something very similar to your normal work.

(Comes from the late 1800's, where a man who drives a bus for a living goes on a long bus journey on their holiday.)
Similar to, if you work as a cook, then when it comes time to have
lunch, -- you will cook some more, for yourself.
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Post by Muzozavr » Wed Aug 15, 2012 5:51 am

Wait, wait, "chickify" actually made it?! I have only seen it as "chickification" on TVTropes, it actually made it as a "proper slang word" and is now in a real dictionary?
Rest in peace, Kym. I hardly knew ya.
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Post by VirtLands » Wed Aug 15, 2012 6:32 pm

Muzozavr wrote:Wait, wait, "chickify" actually made it?!

And the other word similar to chickify: ;)

henpecked : When a male complies to ever single demand of his girlfriend or wife

Image Image :lol:

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